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The Ha'penny Gourmet's Guide, Afterword

The Ha'penny Gourmet's Guide, Afterword


A Few Parting Words

Okay, well this has been a fun little series. Parts one, two and three are all linked here so that you can find them and reference them at need. I'll likely be putting them into memories so that people can find them a little easier in the future. I hope that everyone has enjoyed reading this little series as much as I have enjoyed writing it.

To the uninitiated cook, the best advice I can give is just to cook as often as you can. No amount of reading, wishing or dreaming is going to substitute for actually DOING. I recommend that you always hunt out new dishes that you are keen on and try to learn how to make them a part of your cooking repertoire. When and if the day comes when you are ready to move from uninitiated cook to full fledged foodie, you'll be more prepared to wow your friends and colleagues with your skill and knowledge.

Best of luck to everyone!

-R. Matthews
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